daniela christiansson


Daniela Christiansson – 25 years old – Currently in Milan

Model – Blogger – Digital influencer


Ambassador for Green Fashion Week and the Brazilian Rosewood Amazon Conservation, writer for Eluxe Magazine, and A Climate Neutral Now Champion at UNFCCC

Daniela Christiansson, Swedish model, working in the fashion capitals for six years, and founder of Conscious-Ness, a guidance blog into sustainable lifestyle, which has evolved into GreenModelMe.

Born and grown up in Lausanne in Switzerland, Daniela graduated from the Swiss maturity in 2009 and started to travel for her modelling career.

Daniela touches every sector of modeling and has worked for big brands, such as Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent, Armani, Nina Ricci and more.

Working and traveling as model and lifestyle blogger, Daniela is also doing her Bachelor degree in business at the Open University of London.


daniela christiansson