GreenModelMe is the place where you will initiate step by step to become a conscious-consumer. Like me, you will fall in love with all things sustainable. From ethical fashion to organic beauty products, natural health tips and eco-tourism, you’ll find it all here on my blog. Small steps = big impact!

It is not about changing your life, it is about showing you with easy, affordable, adaptable and small steps how to become eco-conscious with what our society is providing us. We know very well that no one of us has the time, the energy or resources to make dramatic changes. Don’t change your life but make it better!

You will also understand better the effects we have on the environment with our old behaviors and our new ones and grasp the multiple benefits of becoming conscious-consumers; and trust us there are many, from financial to health-related!

I, Daniela Christiansson, a Swedish model, and supported by experts in this area, want to make a change. Conscious-consumers. We are all beginners, so please forgive in advance for mistakes and feel free to contribute and share your opinions and ideas. Together we can make change happen!

Sustainable development is one of the key ways to preserve and renew our planet. It is more important than ever. Our precious planet is deteriorating. So I hope that you will feel inspired and persuaded because what is needed more than ever nowadays – in every industry – is the support and movement of consumers. My team and I understand very well that it can seem difficult, boring or even unattainable, but by following us, you will learn – along with us – how to tackle these issues easily. Change starts from somewhere, ours starts from here.